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"Alice is a truly gifted and extraordinary healer. I Have had healing sessions with her that were transformative with extraordinary positive results. I would recommend everyone to book an appointment with Alice as soon as possible. She is one of the most gifted healers I have the privilege to know and receive healing from. She is a gift to us all. " blessings
Robbie O'Dwyer

" Over the last few years, I have had many successful healing sessions with Alice which have helped me with some physical and emotional issues. One of the more significant things that Alice was able to help me with was dealing with my estranged parents and the emotional difficulties of accepting the situation and making peace with the past. The other amazing thing that Alice was able to help me with was back pain. I have suffered for many years with chronic pain and the work that Alice did has allowed me to heal and manage my degenerative back issues. Alice is a very caring and unique healer and I have no hesitation in recommending her."
Chris F.

"I was referred to Alice by a friend and to be honest I wasn’t really familiar with the kind of healing she does, however, I was open to trying it! I was amazed after just one session what a difference it had made. At the time I was dealing with a sharp pain in my knee and through her process I was able to release that pain almost immediately. I went back on a number of occasions for additional healing not only for myself but for family members as well. Yes, she can even assist with healing remotely! Alice is intuitive and has a warm, caring heart. I would highly recommend her."
K. Owen

"I just wanted to say thank you for an enormous gift from an amazing lady who has helped me a lot by taking down my heart wall. She gave me a new start, a healing heart and a wonderful new husband. My lovely daughter-in-law has become more confident. She is better able to handle life’s challenges, especially with her children. They were separated because of her cognitive challenges, but they are all back together now and doing well thanks to Alice’s support."

"Alice is an amazing healer and knows many modalities. She has been in healer for many lifetimes and takes whatever time is needed to get the job done. I love Alice! She truly cares about her clients and that is why I recommend her to all of my friends."
❤Cathy Levell

"I would never have believed that energy healing works, had Alice not changed my life. Alice is patient and generous in her efforts to help me and my family. We began with my need to open my heart and reach out to those who mean the most to me. She helped me rebuild my relationships with estranged family members.
With Alice's help, my daughter was able to address her trauma and pain, rid herself of unwanted and negative spirits and begin her journey of recovery. "
Shirley in Vancouver"

"I have been benefiting from Alice’s healing work for a few years. She is one of the most skilled therapists I know. One session of the Body Code/Emotion Code with her usually moves mountains of ‘stuff’. My family and I have had wonderful, profound changes as a result of what she’s done. Her skill set has enabled us to have better lives."
Iris Gadd

"Alice is an incredibly intuitive practitioner. She puts in the time and effort to get to the root of issues and clear as much as possible while doing so in a very supportive way. She tells you what she is doing and guides through the clearing every time. This makes it a more involved process and a much more powerful one.
I have been working with her for over 3 years now clearing countless traumas, my own and inherited, and countless other issues. She was there to support me through incredibly heartbreaking times. Whatever it is you need help with, she can help. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in this or not, it works regardless. You feel lighter as the session progresses and after. I would recommend Emotion Code to anyone, and done by Alice especially."

F. D.

November 30th 2021
" "My experience of the Emotion Code with practitioner Alice Tickner has brought great peace to my life and heart. I have been able to break down walls, rediscover a softer side of my being. I have released years of mental, emotional and physical trauma and finally feel calm, centered and dare I say…..joyful.
Alice reminds me of what I need, what I deserve and invites me to claim all that is good. I am thankful for my monthly sessions
" Michele

" In 2019 I had a one on one healing session with Alice, which really helped bring me out of a depression and got me motivated to make some life changes. It helped to unblock negativity around friendship and being more open to change. Alice listens with her heart and leads her sessions with love. I would recommend having her assist you on your journey to happiness."

"Alice and I have been friends for nearly 60 years. When she asked if she could do a healing on my painful knee, I was rather skeptical, but was willing to surrender as I knew she would never do anything that was harmful. To my surprise, the pain disappeared and I have not had problems with it since, and that was over five years ago."
Jill Alexander

"Dear Alice, Please feel free to put this in your promotional material as I would love for folks to feel confident in turning to you and your work with the Emotion and Body Code. After working with you Alice, I felt a sense of wonder, and my curiosity peaked. I must admit that I was more than just a little skeptical and was not sure quite what I had experienced however, as I set about my activities during the days and weeks, I began to notice little, subtle changes in how I went about things and the only thing I could attribute it to was your healing work. Most notable for me was when you did your distance work on removing any unwanted entities…having said that, you must know that I totally do not believe in such a thing, but oh my, such a turnaround in how I was feeling before to after your working on me. I am still in a state of shock "
EP, Nanaimo