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A Surprise for Littlepots and Tiddly

Littlepots and Tiddly were having a quiet day on the beach. Littlepots and Tiddly were great friends, even though it was unusual to see an elf and a gnome together. They had been pretty busy lately helping out Queen Lillith and were feeling like they needed a nice peaceful day to do nothing! They had been playing with Swampum, the serpentine, in the lake. Serpentine’s are like dragons only they are usually longer and live in the water. Swampum was a friendly serpentine and the children all liked to play with her. She was like having your very own water park in your back yard.

Tiddly was just napping and having a lovely dream, and Littlepots was having a lovely fantasy in his daydream, when all of a sudden they both jumped to their feet as they were suddenly drenched with water. As they opened their eyes in confusion, there stood Curtle, the “shell curved the wrong way” turtle who had just dumped a big pile of water from her shell onto the two of them.

Tiddly was not amused! Littlepots looked at Curtle and for once, he was not very amused either! “Why did you do that?” asked Littlepots.

“Do what?” asked Curtle.

“Dump water all over us when we were dozing,” answered Tiddly in an unfriendly voice.

“Oh, well, you’re needed right away at the palace,” answered Curtle. “And I thought you might have to be pretty awake for this one.”

“For this one. What do you mean?” asked Littlepots and Tiddly both together.

“How should I know!?” shouted Curtle as he dashed off towards the palace.

Both Littlepots and Tiddly looked at each other, and moved five feet over on the sand to where it was both warm and dry, and plunked themselves back down and proceeded to go back into their nap and dreamland. They were tired of being called all the time by the Queen. They didn’t mind helping out but it was becoming ridiculous as to how much time they were spending with the Queen. And it was not that they didn’t enjoy being with the Queen, it was just that they were starting to feel drained by all her demands.

In about sixty seconds they both opened their eyes and looked at each other. The look told it all. Queen Lillith had beckoned and they knew they had to go. They both grabbed their towels and dried themselves off before changing into their clothes. They left their bathing suits on underneath, hoping they’d have a chance to still use them that day. They were still a little damp but neither of their mums was there to tell them to change into dry underwear, or at least a dry bathing suit. Besides, they knew they needed to go and see what was so important to Queen Lillith.

As they walked into the main entrance of the palace, they could hear trumpets playing. Both Littlepots and Tiddly were in a bit of a fog and wondered what was going on. They were directed by one of the page boys to see the King and Queen in the garden. That was unusual, as they were used to seeing the Queen in her private quarters. Out they walked to the garden and as they came out side, there was the King and Queen, dressed for a very special occasion. The occasion was to honour Littlepots and Tiddly for all the hard work they had been doing. Their families were there, including both of their little sisters. And a lot of their friends were there also.

They were celebrated the whole day. The King and Queen presented them with honourary medals as the royal couple’s special assistants. But best of all, they were given a trip to the sandy beaches of the Celestial Ocean where they would be staying at the Celestial Hotel for a week. This also included a pass to Celestial Fantasyland. There they could just laze or play to their hearts content for that lovely stretch of time. It had all been approved by their parents and they would be back in time to start their last year of high school. The Queen had even packed a bag for each of them with all new clothes and surf boards and scuba diving equipment. And she had arranged transportation for them with her quickest dragon. Their bags were already tied to the dragon’s back behind the two saddles.

Both Tiddly and Littlepots were feeling quite guilty about thinking that their help to the Queen had not been appreciated, although they did decide when they got home that they would have to have a talk with Curtle about what was becoming not very funny with his rude interruptions. Tiddly had never found them funny. Littlepots was beginning to think that it did not serve Curtle to allow him to be so obnoxious, so they resolved to deal with that, when they got back home. In the meantime, they had never flown on a dragon before and were very excited about their trip. They climbed up into the saddle and strapped themselves into their seat belts, and as soon as they gave the word, the dragon rose up into the air. The people below who were all waving and wishing them a great trip, soon became little dots and the palace looked suddenly very small from way up high. The countryside looked beautiful underneath with all the rolling hills and lush vegetation. Because their dragon was so quick, they arrived at the Celestial Hotel before they even had time to ask the dragon’s name. As they climbed down from the dragon, both Tiddly and Littlepots thanked her. She told them to pull the cord behind the saddle, and when they did that, down came their luggage in an orderly fashion, and before you could say, “Quiddle, quaddle, qum!” a porter from the hotel came along and carried their baggage to their rooms. They went and signed in at the front desk and then went up to their hotel suite. It was, of course, the Royal Suite and everything in it was amazing.

Although it was dinnertime, both of them were so full from feasting all day that they decided to skip dinner and go down to the beach and have a quick swim before the sun set for the evening. They did get to use their bathing suits again after all. The ocean was warm and they had a great time in the salt water. With the salt in the ocean, it seemed to hold them up better than the lake water. Afterward they dried themselves off and sat on the beach to watch the sun set. It was always a magical time of day for both of them. And it was a time of day that they both used to give thanks for all the wonderful gifts that they had received during the day. And gifts to them would have been not only new things that they had received, but also any lovely things that they had seen or felt that day. They found that if they gave thanks every day for their wonderful lives, that the following day tended to be much better! It is always easy to take the good things for granted. But by feeling grateful, the good things happen more often. And besides, it helps you from feeling blue. Quintin had taught Tiddly that one day when he walked up the mountain to visit his friend (with a picnic lunch, of course). And when Tiddly had shared that with Littlepots, they had both made it a habit of ending their day by being thankful for all the wonderful things that they had happening in the lives.

Both Littlepots and Tiddly were about to return to their rooms to catch up on some well deserved sleep, when they realized that they were too excited to go to bed. So back they went into the hotel to ask the desk clerk what he would recommend they do next. The desk clerk was very helpful and told them that if they liked, they could go over to Celestial Playland where it was fun at night time with all the rides and everything being lit up.

Littlepots and Tiddly did just that and had an exciting time. By the time they finished their candy floss, popcorn and pop, they were both feeling pretty tired. When they came back to the hotel, they put the do not disturb sign on their door and they both slept until noon the next day. They loved the feeling of not having any parents or teachers around to tell them what to do; they could sleep in for as long as they wanted, they could eat whatever they wanted, and they could do whatever they wanted. Both Tiddly and Littlepots ate waffles with lots of syrup, whip cream and strawberries for breakfast. Then they rushed off to Celestial Playland and spent the day riding and eating. And you guessed it, it was all junk food like hotdogs and pop, suckers and chips, licorice and candy floss!

In three days time, both Littlepots and Tiddly were not feeling very happy or very well. On the fourth morning they woke up; again at noon, and after they had gotten out of their beds, they both plunked themselves in deck chairs on their balcony.

“What shall we do today?” asked Tiddly.

“I think I’d like to go to the beach with a picnic lunch,” answered Littlepots, “And I think I’d like to lay off of the sugar and the carbs! I can’t remember when I’ve felt this awful.”

“I know what you mean,” answered Tiddly, “and I think I’ve had enough of Celestial Playland too! I mean those rides were fun and the shows were entertaining, but it all seems like manufactured fun. I think I’d rather go to the beach too. It will be much more grounding. And we can get them to put together a healthy picnic lunch for us.

Both Tiddly and Littlepots started their day with a late but healthy breakfast. They had granola cereal with no sugar in it, topped with yoghurt and fresh fruit. For drinks they had almond milk that was handmade by the chef every day, so they knew it didn’t have any preservatives in it. They didn’t stuff themselves but just ate what felt comfortable and off they went to the beach. They had their sunscreen and their hats, and spent most of the first day relaxing in the sun and the ocean and getting rid of all the toxins they had been putting in their bodies. They also realized that they had gotten so caught up with all the excitement, that they had forgotten to give thanks for all the wonderful things that had been happening with them. So they both took the time and shared their gratefulness for the past three days, and were back into the habit of being thankful before they went to sleep that night. It was a lazy, lovely day at the beach and with their healthy picnic lunch of quinoa salad, potato salad, sliced chicken, crab salad, green grapes, cherries, watermelon and fresh mountain water, they felt much better when they went to bed that night.

The next two weeks of the holiday really ended up being the highlight. Littlepots and Tiddly packed their lunches in their knapsacks. The ice that kept the food cold, helped to cool them off as they hiked along the beaches and through the forest paths. Because they walked so far, they found wonderful treasures on the beaches. There were not only great big shells, but they also found a place where there were amethyst crystals. Tiddly had discovered an egg-shaped rock that was broken open to reveal beautiful clusters of purple crystals inside. So they spent two days in that spot and collected enough crystals to have a gift for the King and Queen, their family and all their special friends for when they arrived home. The Queen had given them a special coin each that they could use to spend in any of the shops at Celestial. But they had decided to use it only for food and a special hat each as a souvenir for their trip. They didn’t want to be greedy, and besides, they hardly wanted to spend their time shopping when they could be down on the beach or out in the forest.

The dragon arrived to give them their ride back home and they were all packed and ready to go. It had been a wonderful holiday and they went back home refreshed and revitalized. Everyone loved the amethyst crystals that they had taken home as gifts and they were soon settled back at school. And they lived healthily ever after.

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