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Littlepots and Tiddly had gone back to their secret cave where they had first met. Littlepots was a leprechaun and Tiddly was a gnome. Because they were different in so many ways, people were always surprised that they were such close friends. But they were very alike in the ways that counted. They both cared a lot about other people, they were both fun loving but also serious. They both were curious about life and were always questioning why things were the way they were. But most importantly of all, as close friends, they loved each other unconditionally. And both appreciated each other as a great gift.

They had decided to come back to their secret cave as they hadn’t been there for a long time. The first time there, they had met each other while they were playing hide and seek with their friends in the woods. They had stayed there all day without even noticing how long it had been. The time had flown by as they were enjoying each other’s company so much. And since that day they were always to be found together after they had finished their daily chores.

Both of them had noticed on their first day in the cave that there was a hole in the back of the cave where light shone through from up above. At the right time of the day, sunbeams poured down into the cave and they felt like the sunbeams had magical powers. Both Tiddly and Littlepots had decided that they wanted to stand in the sunbeams to recharge themselves with love. They didn’t know if it would work or not, but they wanted to give it a try. They had heard enough from adults to know that if you stood in the light, or sat in your special place in the woods, and let your mind go blank, you could just feel the love pouring into you. You didn’t have to know where the love came from, you just had to believe. So Littlepots and Tiddly were going to give it a go. To their amazement, as they entered the cave, the sunbeams were pouring through the hole at the back. They dropped their backpacks and ran to the back of the cave. They quickly decided to stand back to back and they stood entranced, in complete silence for half an hour with the sunbeams pouring down on them.

Neither of them had experienced anything like it before. Most people have to practice letting in the love; but not Littlepots or Tiddly. It just came naturally to both of them. They sat down afterwards to eat their lunch and both of them were in a euphoric state. They didn’t even have to talk about it as they were so connected they knew that they had both had the same experience. It was like a rechargeable battery being plugged into the wall and being recharged. The only thing was that they didn’t know anything about batteries and it was just as well because Mother Nature was much better at doing the job anyway.

While they were munching on their hazelnut butter and banana sandwiches they talked about what they would do next. They were feeling so great that they felt like going out and helping someone that afternoon. All of a sudden they looked at each other and both of them said together, “MRS. WEASLEDWARF!”

Mrs. Weasledwarf lived on the edge of the forest in a very small house. Well it wasn’t that small really, but it was small for the amount of people that lived there. She had eight children; four girls and four boys. Two of them were twins and they were all under the age of twelve, so she was a busy lady. Her husband was away all day working in the woods so he wasn’t able to help her with the children. And she had her hands full with cooking and cleaning and ironing and gardening, not to mention all the diapers she still had to change with her two baby twins, who were only eight months old.

Littlepots and Tiddly were rounding the corner of the path that led to Mrs. Weasledwarf’s house and they could see her outside in the garden, hanging up washing on the clothesline. She spotted them coming and gave them a wave.

As they walked up to her, she smiled and said, “Now what can I do for you two lads today?”

“Actually,” said Littlepots, “We’re here today to see what we can do for you.”

Mrs. Weasledwarf nearly fainted on the spot. She couldn’t remember the last time when anyone had offered to help her. She was always being asked to do everything for everyone else.

“Alright you two, what are you up to?” she asked.

“Nothing”, said Littlepots and Tiddly together.

“You mean you’re not trying to sell me anything or sign me up to sponsor you for something?” she asked warily.

“No, we just thought that we would come by and give you a hand” said Littlepots. “We’ve just been bombarded by love and thought we would come and share some of it, “said Tiddly.

Mrs. Weasledwarf still wasn’t quite sure about that but she told Tiddly and Littlepots to go ahead and see if they could amuse the children. It was a lovely day outside and the two little babies were under a tree in a grassy fenced off area where they were safe. Littlepots and Tiddly called all the other children together and had a pow wow with them. They decided as a group that it would be fun if they made their Mum “Queen for a Day”.

Littlepots and Tiddly knew that they would have a little organizing to do as they couldn’t make their mum a ‘Queen for a Day” if lunch and dinner weren’t made for everyone and if the dishes weren’t all done and the floor swept. They also knew that Mrs. Weasledwarf would still be hanging out the washing for a little while, and that would keep her busy while they scurried into the kitchen and out into the woods.

Two of the younger children, Doris and Kayla, were sent out into the woods to pick leaves and flowers for two things. The first was to make a bouquet for their mum, and the next was to make a crown of leaves and flowers for her head. They were to bring what they found back into the kitchen where everyone was preparing lunch AND dinner, and Tiddly said he would help them put the bouquet and crown together.

The timing was perfect. Just as Mrs. Weasledwarf finished hanging the washing, her oldest son, Richard, and her oldest daughter Amelia, ran outside with a blindfold and asked her to put it on. She fussed a little as she said she had to go inside and make lunch for everyone, but finally they persuaded her to put it on. Then they lead her by the hand, over under the big apple tree in the shade near the twins, and then had her sit down in one of the two lounge chairs that were out there in the garden. They had her keep the blindfold on, while out of the kitchen came the others, each carrying various things including a bouquet of flowers, a floral crown, devilled egg sandwiches, cherries and a big pitcher of lemonade. When they had it all arranged, they took off her blindfold and Doris presented her mum with the bouquet of flowers and Kayla put the crown on her head and told her that she was Queen for a Day.

After her initial surprise and pleasure wore off, Mrs. Weasledwarf suggested that perhaps ‘Queen for an Hour” might be a better idea as Mr. Weasledwarf would have to have his dinner and that the wood needed piling properly in the shed before the day was done. Littlepots and Tiddly assured her that would all be taken care of.

After lunch the three oldest went back into the kitchen with Littlepots to clean up the lunch dishes and finish making the dinner while the three middle children stayed outside with Tiddly and helped to entertain Mrs. Weasledwarf. The four of them got a nice basin of warm soapy water and had her soak her feet in it. And then afterwards they dried her feet and covered them with a nice body lotion. Stalwart was seven and very clever for his age. He had been writing poetry and saving it up for a special time and now was definitely a special time. He sat and read to his mum, while Tiddly and David fed the babies their bottles and then changed their diapers. All this was done with a joyful heart, even when one of the babies diapers were poopy, because there’s no use helping out if you are not going to be happy about it! Mind you there were a lot of oohs and aahs and people holding their noses until the poopy diaper had been put away where no one could smell it any more.

And after the babies were all sleeping for an afternoon nap, Tiddly suggested that Mrs. Weasledwarf have a nap too while everyone helped to stack the log pile and plan a little play. Mrs. Weasledwarf had not had a nap in years, but as Tiddly promised to keep an eye on the twins, and she knew all the children were fine, she dozed off in the afternoon sun.

Littlepots and Tiddly were just getting everyone organized to stack the logs into a pile in the shed, when off of the roof jumped Curtle.

“Surprise!” he yelled as everyone scattered. Littlepots and Tiddly were almost used to Curtle’s sudden appearances.

“It’s okay, Curtle is a friend,” Tiddly said to the children.

“What kind of friend jumps out at you all of a sudden?” asked Richard.

“A different kind of a friend,” said Littlepots. He turned to Curtle and asked him what was up, thinking that maybe the queen was wanting to see him and Tiddly.

“Oh nothing,” said Curtle, “I just thought I’d drop in and say hi,” and off he rushed into the woods. Littlepots and Tiddly just looked at each other and smiled. They continued to get the children stacking the wood pile, and while they did that, they made up a play about a dragon. Everyone thought that Tiddly should be the dragon, but he didn’t want to spout fire and eat people up. They all decided that Tiddly could be a friendly dragon and spout red licorice instead, which he and everyone else could then eat up! He’d be a very popular dragon if he was a candy dragon. So Tiddly was happy with that.

They all finished the wood pile and rushed around making their costumes for the play. In record time they had hung a curtain for the stage, and just as their mum woke up from her nap, Richard introduced “The red licorice dragon” and the play began.

The story was about a little girl named Kayla. Littlepots knew that Richard would be the best actor for the play but he and Richard talked about it, and it was Richard’s idea to pick Kayla. Richard was very outgoing and knew that the lesson of the play was not one that he had to learn. In the play, Kayla had decided to go up to the top of the mountain and be eaten by the ferocious dragon. She was feeling very unhappy because she felt that she was different from everyone else and she didn’t feel like she belonged. But to her surprise, when she got to the top of the mountain, she met a friendly dragon who spouted red licorice. He told her to help herself to the licorice while they chatted. And while they sat together, he talked to Kayla and made her feel much better about herself. He was a very wise dragon and told her how everyone is different. And he told her how everyone is important because each person is an individual! And then he surprised her by then telling her how we are really also all the same as each other. We need to eat, we need to breathe, we want to be in relationships with other people, we want to feel loved. In so many ways that we are different from each other, so are we all the same. The most important thing is not that we are here to please other people and try and fit in, but that we are pleasing ourselves by being the “best us” that we can be. And if we are being the “best us” that we can be, then everything else will fit into place. And before you know it, you’ll have more friends than you are able to feed red licorice. The dragon went into his den and brought out a big paper bag. He suggested to Kayla that she take a big bag of red licorice back to her friends and just know that she is well liked, not just for her red licorice, but because she is Kayla.

At the end of the play, Kayla took a big bowl and handed out licorice to everyone. (Tiddly had just happened to have some red licorice in his knapsack.) Of course the ‘Queen for the Day” had received the biggest piece.

It was not long before Mr. Weasledwarf came walking home through the woods. When he arrived home, there was the unusual site of Mrs. Weasledwarf sitting in a lounge chair.

“What’s going on here,” he asked, “is Mrs. Weasledwarf sick?”

“Oh no daddy,” said Kayla, “Mummy is “Queen for a Day!”

“Well in that case your majesty,” said Mr. Weasledwarf, “Please excuse me while I head for the shower and get the day’s work off of my back.”

Mrs. Weasledwarf went to get up to put out his clean clothes, but Amelia told her it was already done. They really had thought of everything.

Littlepots and Tiddly stayed until dinner was served and they had a promise from the children that they would clean up the dishes after dinner. The two of them walked home to their dinner with a sparkle in their eyes and a skip to their step. And they all lived helpfully ever after.

The End.

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