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Alice Tickner was born in Port Alberni,
on Vancouver Island, May, 1949.

The day before her first birthday, her family moved to Sechelt, where she had the fortune to live on waterfront property. She was connected to God and Nature right from the start, and attended the Anglican Church, St. Hilda’s, and although she was never “religious”, she was totally involved in every aspect of the church; going to Sunday School, teaching Sunday School, Junior Auxiliary, Girls Auxiliary, Anglican Young Peoples Association, singing in the choir.

When she was 14, Reverend Jim and and his wife, Jill Fergusson were an amazing young couple that came to St. Hilda’s and were a wonderful influence with their unconditional love and teachings. Although they were only in Sechelt for a short time, Alice stayed connected with them, and the summer she graduated from High School, she spent two months in Jamaica with them as leaders on a work tour through the Anglican Church.
" Nearly sixty years later", she and Jill still remain close friends. The other thing that Alice wanted to point out was that in High School she had the fortune to make a close friend, Judy, and it was the first time she had the experience of unconditional love in a relationship and for that she is forever grateful.

She then took a six month winter course through the Anglican Church at Sorrento, BC. The highlight of that time for her was starring in a musical which toured in Alberta and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

She then attended Vancouver City College, worked part time as a cashier for Safeway, and discovered sex. (As her son said, “it was the 70’s Mum, glad you weren’t a saint!) Two years later, she went off to England and spent six months up in Yorkshire, England at a Church Of England Conference Centre where she worked as a chamber maid and kitchen skive. From there she went to London where she worked as the receptionist for an international Church of England youth hostel. Two weeks before she was to return home, she met Andrew, whom she fortunately fell madly in love with, as three years later she came back to find him. (During those three years back home, she continued with her college education.) And although he was totally not the right person for her, because of returning to England, she met the love of her life, and married him two years later. She and Michael have been married for over 47 years and have supported each other through thick and thin, and grown together spiritually.

Alice and Michael moved up to Squamish and in 1978 their son was born. Alice had the joy of supporting Michael in his art career and spending most of her time with Richard. When he was four, she took the real estate course and spent the next five years being a successful realtor. She found it wasn't fulfilling enough for her and was at the same time expanding her mind, body and soul with spiritualism. As Alice says, she was never religious but always spiritual. She and Michael spent the next three years with rebirthing and past life regressions, and at the end of that time, Alice was ready for clients. Although she felt she moved mountains when she was experiencing the rebirthing, she also felt like she was going through a nervous breakdown with the process.

Never one to sit idle, Alice then decided to open an Art Gallery in Lions Bay, which she managed for thirteen years.

When she and Michael moved from 27 years at Lions Bay, nine of those years living in a lovely cottage on the beach, over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Alice wanted to get back into doing healing work, but she wanted something that was gentle but effective.

She was introduced to Dr. Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code work by the wonderful Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Robbie O’Dwyer. The first time she had an Emotion Code Healing she had four trapped emotions taken out of her intestines. The last one was “terror” which she found surprising. Six months later after being certified, she was showing a friend how to take down her heart wall and getting her to help with hers. Alice’s heart wall was 35 feet thick and she had four trapped emotions in it. The first three had been removed and when the fourth trapped emotion of “terror” came up, Alice remembered the terror from her first healing and again was surprised about that. She was only able to remove five of the ten feet that session and knew she would have to finish it in three weeks time.

An hour later, it suddenly dawned on her where the terror had come from! She muscle tested to check, and sure enough it was from when she was a baby and her mum had her sleeping outside in the buggy. A little neighbourhood boy had come over and started beating her with a stick. And the only reason Alice knew about that was because 35 years previously she had been through one of the most powerful rebirthing sessions where she went back to that experience. She remembers thinking she was going to die and screaming so hard she screamed a line out of her face. Her mum confirmed the experience at the time. She thought she had healed it through the rebirthing, but that negative energy was still stuck in her body. Three weeks later she removed the last five feet of her heart wall, and removed five more patches of terror from her body, every place she had been hit!


One last part of her story she wanted to share with you was that over the past twenty years she has created an autoimmune disease called body inclusion polymyositis.

Basically what this means is that her muscles have deteriorated. She found this to be embarrassing considering all she has learned over the past 72 years about unconditional love. She had an Akashic reading done and the first question she asked was why she had created this disease. The answer she received was that she has been a powerful healer in many lifetimes, and because of different beliefs at different times, has been burned at the stake, run out of town, imprisoned and more, so her soul decided to keep a low profile!

Just so you know, this does not effect her healing ability and she would be more than happy to help you improve your life.

She does it with you all on FaceTime or WhatsApp or Zoom.

Below is a picture she wanted to share of the two most important people of her life: her wonderful husband and son.

husband and son alice